Coatesville Area School District Spelling Bee 2013

CASD’s elementary and middle school students, as well as students from Pope John Paul II, competed in the annual CASD Spelling Bees. Rainbow Elem hosted the elementary bee on Jan 7, 2013. Friendship Elem tied 1st place overall with PJPII in the elementary bee competition and will be taking home the trophy for the remainder of the school year. PJPII will take possession of it at the start of next school year and hold it until the 2014 CASD Spelling Bee.


In the 3rd grade competition, Coatesville finished in 1st and 2nd places while PJPII finished in 3rd.
In the 4th grade competition, Coatesville, again, finished in 1st and 2nd places while PJPII finished in 3rd.
And, in the 5th grade competition, Coatesville placed 1st and 2nd, once again, while PJPII placed 3rd.


South Brandywine Middle School hosted the middle school bee on Jan 11, 2013.
PJPII earned 1st place overall in the middle school competition.

This year the bee ran differently than previous years so to model the Chester County Spelling Bee which will be held on Feb 8, 2013. Instead of conducting separate grade level bees, organizers decided to run only one competition which included all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade competitors. PJPII placed 1st and Coatesville placed 2nd and 3rd.


With dedication and help of the principals, spelling bee coordinators, judges, pronouncers, teachers and students, the Coatesville Area School District Spelling Bees were a tremendous success.