UPDATED: Homicide in East Fallowfield

At approximately noon today May 21st 2013, Gregory Twyman (DOB: 1/30/69) shot and killed his long-time girlfriend Jamica Woods at their residence, located at 22 Rokeby Road, East Fallowfield.

The defendant is in police custody and is being charged with homicide.  This case is being investigated by the East Fallowfield Police Department and the Chester County Detectives.

East Fallowfield Police Chief Chris Porter was one of the first officers on the scene to take the defendant into custody.  Further details will be released tomorrow.



TwymanDA Tom Hogan announced the arrest of Gregory Twyman (44yo) for the murder of Jamica Woods (37yo), his long-time girlfriend.  The defendant shot and killed the victim at her residence, 22 Rokeby Rd, East Fallowfield.  The defendant and the victim have a daughter together.

DA Hogan stated “This was a premeditated and cruel murder. This was not an argument, this was an execution.”

East Fallowfield Police Chief Chris Porter, one of the first officers to respond to the scene, “East Fallowfield is a safe community and this homicide took place in a quiet part of the Township.  East Fallowfield police officers and Chesco Detectives responded quickly and professionally to arrest this defendant and get him out of our community.”

The defendant was born on Jan 30, 1969. His last listed address was the same as the location of the murder.

At approximately 12:20pm on Tues, May 21 2013, the defendant called 911 to report that he had shot his girlfriend with a shotgun.  Police responded to the scene. The defendant was on the porch smoking a cigarette.  He was taken into custody by the police.

Police discovered Jamica inside the house, dead from multiple gunshot wounds.  Both victim and defendant lived at the house.  The shotgun used was located at the residence.  The shotgun was a single shot-gun meaning it had to be reloaded to fire more than once.

Police preserved the 911 call from the defendant. Police also discovered the day before the murder, the defendant changed his Facebook profile picture to a shotgun shell, with a shotgun as the background.  In response to comments posted, the defendant  stated that the picture was “a slug fool,” that it was “gon be too late” if law enforcement tried to intervene, and “Once i handle my business i don’t give a f*$#!” (word censored by DOES)

The defendant has been charged with murder.  Because of the nature of the charges, no bail was set.  The defendant was remanded to the Chester County Prison.

DA Hogan added, “This is another example of domestic violence accelerating into murder. A mother is dead and a child has been left an orphan.  We will pursue justice for the victim’s family.”

The East Fallowfield Police and the Chester County Detectives are investigating this case.  Anybody with information should call EF Police Offc Samantha Harper at 610-384-9163 or Chesco Detective Butch Dutter at 601-692-5100.  Deputy DA Michelle Frei has been assigned to the case.